'We Need Love To Win'
Recording Session
Channels Audio Studio
Winnipeg, Canada
April 20 - 25, 2001

All Winnipeg studio / exterior photos by Doug Humiski

Here's 23 interesting pics surrounding Kevin's latest recording session featuring the musicians, singers, writers and friends who have contributed so much excellence along the way!

'Team Winnipeg' is really cookin'!

8 brand new tracks, 8 remixes... and one heck of a good time to boot!
Craig Fotheringham, Steve Broadhurst
, John Ervin, Howie Rissin,
Kevin Waara and Ken Moore

Listening to playbacks, taking notes... working with the best team in town!
Kevin Waara, Producer Ken Moore, Project Engineer Howie Rissin

The 'Dynamic Duo' doin' their thing!
Producer Ken Moore and Kevin Waara

It's a great way to make a living... barring any flat notes that might creep in!
John Schritt, Donna Murray, Kevin Waara and Jocelyn Thorvaldson

The 'Mamas and the Papas' revisited... the 2001 version!

This trio makes anybody sound good!
John Schritt, Donna Murray and Jocelyn Thorvaldson

The 'master' shows how it's done!
Producer Ken Moore takes the lead!

The 'mooresy beat' takes control!
Producer / Arranger Ken Moore

Providing the pulse of the session!
Bassist John Ervin

Tickling the old 88's...great sound!
Keyboardist Craig Fotheringham

The man behind the kit... bringing it all together!
Percussionist Steve Broadhurst

Kevin Waara, time-out for a little air... Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, Canada

Kevin Waara taking a break, strolling down Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, Canada

'I wonder if anybody's home?'
Kevin Waara exploring the streets and alleys of beautiful Winnipeg, Canada

Like the song says, 'Lord if I could I'd go back in time!'
Kevin Waara hangin' out, Winnipeg, CA

Kevin Waara goes Hollywood!
Winnipeg, CA

Ken Moore...Man of many hats! Producer, Arranger, Writer, Musician


Don Grashey... musical marvel / exemplary songwriter / Canadian Hall of Famer...wrote 7 songs on 'We Need Love To Win'

Denis Perron... songwriter / performer... has 5 tracks on 'We Need Love To Win'

Steve Mastrangelo... songwriter / performer... has 2 entries on ' We Need Love To Win'

Glenn Niemi... songwriter / publisher / public relations... responsible for 2 tracks on 'We Need Love To Win'

Pauli Liima... performer / songwriter... wrote 2 songs on 'We Need Love To Win'

It's said... LYRICS are the soul of a song!

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