Thunder Bay, Ontario, CAN

Ken first worked with Kevin in May 1976 as members of Wheat-Stone Bridge. Ken masterfully created a unique sound with his lead guitar wizardry and superb vocal arrangements. Ken produced the 1998 Rhythm Cat Records release HorsePlay and co-produced 'teaser tracks VOLUME ONE' and continues to work with Kevin in various capacities while bringing his own musical endeavors to a new level. Their 26 year friendship remains strong. Ken has also just composed a twelve minute classical movement which he recently performed live with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. Ken has also recently released an original classical movement for both guitar and piano on a CD format. Ken has also just produced and arranged Kevin Waara's newest effort 'We Need Love To Win' available on the Rhythm Cat Records label, October 2001. As well, he collaborated on 8 of the original tunes included in addition to covering all guitar work throughout.



Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Kevin's initial meeting with Howie was in July 1993 at the Channels Audio & Post Production Studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 'Baby That's All Right' from Kevin's 1998 release HorsePlay was their first session. More of Howie's production expertise can be heard on Kevin's 2000 Rhythm Cat Records release 'teaser tracks... VOLUME ONE' and the 16 Track set 'We Need Love To Win' available in October 2001. Kevin insists the dictionary definition of Howie would clearly
be Professional, Intellectual, Dependable & Personable.



Thunder Bay, Ontario, CAN

Songwriter/Publisher/Public Relations Agent/Musician

Kevin's cousin and best friend Glenn have been 'professional' partners in the music business since 1968 when they first teamed up as young teenage songwriters. Glenn worked exclusively as the drummer in Kevin's bands from 1970 'til 1984. In 1982 Glenn accompanied Kevin on his second recording sessions in Nashville, Tennessee where his musical input was integral. Glenn is co-publisher and co-writer on Kevin's Rhythm Cat releases HorsePlay and teaser tracks VOLUME ONE. Glenn is a virtual one man industry in which he single-handedly covers all the bases with well thought out disciplined precision regarding songwriting, product quality, promotion and international marketing. Glenn also assumes all duties as Global Press Agent for the Rhythm Cat label. Glenn's latest accomplishments include two pennings on Kevin Waara's 2001 CD release 'We Need Love To Win' available on Rhythm Cat Records Canada.




McKenzie, Ontario, CAN

Paul and Kevin first worked together as members of The Keys in June 1988. Paul's infectious, solid bass guitar playing and deep, rich, soothing vocals continue to be necessary additives to successful engagements. Paul's excellent songwriting skills can be heard on Kevin's 2000 Rhythm Cat Records offering 'teaser tracks VOLUME ONE.' Paul has also collaborated on two exciting selections included on Kevin Waara's 2001 album 'We Need Love To Win' available on Rhythm Cat Records.



Pass Lake, Ontario, CAN

Denis first hooked up with Kevin's band The Colts in May 1987 and a beautiful friendship was born. Denis' remarkable guitar virtuosity and entrancing, tenor-pitched vocal skills are untouched and bring much substance and style to each and every live performance. Denis' enchantingly proficient songwriting skills can be heard on Kevin's 2000 Rhythm Cat records release 'teaser tracks... VOLUME ONE' . Denis has also contributed 5 songs towards Kevin Waara's October 2001 album 'We Need Love To Win' on the Rhythm Cat Records label.


Steve Mastrangelo
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
Singer/ Songwriter

The friendship of Steve Mastrangelo and Kevin Waara was founded over a few throw-together baseball games played in Thunder Bay ballparks. The twenty-something Stevie M. prides himself with a very strong work ethic which in turn provides an all important impetus necessary in achieving his goals and taking on the world. Steve, who now resides in Winnipeg, Canada, currently spends his days totally engaged in computer networking... but much of his spare time is totally devoted to his guitar, working the chops and composing music. Over the past five years Stevie M. has aquired a plentiful catalogue of well-crafted songs spanning several genres... everything from folk to pop to rock with an edge.
Early in 2001 Steve collaborated with Kevin Waara and Ken Moore on two moving, original tunes, 'We Need Love To Win' and 'I'd Go Back In Time'. Both tracks are featured on Kevin's latest Rhythm Cat Records mega-release titled 'We Need Love To Win'.


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